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Located in Northern Utah

Check our Availability page for current babies available as well as our individual species pages to learn more about the parrots we raise.

Lots of Cockatiels handfeeding now, more hatching. Cockatiels are our personal favorites to share our home with!   Contact us to place a deposit and view our cockatiel page for a small sample of what we have!
We are handfeeding 1 Meyers Parrots

NOTE: We no longer have Budgies.

White Bellied Caiques- contact us if you would like to add a caique to your family. These little clowns make the best family members!  We include DNA sexing on our caique babies. Our Caiques are also banded.  We are happy to share references from our happy customers who have our past babies! Caiques make amazing family members!

A little About Us
West Point Aviary is a small home based aviary, we are by appt only. We are NOT a broker, we do not ever bring in any babies that are not from our own parents. This lessens the risk of disease. If what you are looking for is not on our site, we don't raise them. We are a closed aviary, we do not allow visitors where are parent birds are at- for disease & disturbance reasons. Our birds- parents, babies, and companions come first, their well being is our main concern. Our goal is to give our babies the best possible start in life. We are happy to help you once your baby comes home, give advice on foods & toys, share our experiences, and help with behavioral tips, and other questions you may have. A well adjusted parrot is a HAPPY parrot:)  We raise our babies in our home so we can spend the time it takes for them to grow up being comfortable living in a family setting. ALL of our babies are abundence weaned-we do NOT force wean and all learn to fly..both of these things are highly important for a well adjusted baby parrot!  We only raise a few babies at time to ensure we have time to raise them properly & still have time for our personal companions. We have been raising parrots for going on 12 years and have shared our home with parrots for 19 years. We raise only a few species & only a few babies at a time because:

1: We want to have the time to raise each baby with TLC & guidance.
2: We raise the species that after over 21 years of living with parrots, we feel are the best companions to live with. 
The species are: Cockatiels ,White Bellied Caiques, 2 members of the Pionus Parrot Family (Dusky & Maxi) as well as our Green Cheeks! We are really excited about the various Mutations our Linnies and Green Cheeks will produce! We do rasie quite a few rare mutations of cockatiels. These are HARD to find and we have shipped ours in because they are not available in Utah. Some of these will be: Silver , Emeralds, and Recessive Silvers! We will have Single Factor Silvers!! Keep checking our site for updates on these new mutations!!
Back by poplular demand: Lineolated Parakeets! Hoping with in the next 6 months to have babies

NEW! We are hoping to have Meyer's Parrots in the future. We will keep the site updated if & when we have exciting news to share!

We hand-feed all of our babies and raise them to be companions. They are raised around children, but always with adult supervision. It is in most parrots nature to be somewhat leery of real young children because they move so fast and give off a high energy feeling. Our birds are also raised with dogs so they are accustomed to other animals.

Our parrot babies come to your home already comfortable with normal household noises, are eating completely on their own, playing with toys. We have many references available upon request, or you can check out what people are saying by visiting our Happy Customers page.

Please visit our FAQ- it answers most questions you have, shipping, deposit,ect.

We do ship, weather permitting. For more information Please visit our FAQ section on Shipping.
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