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Lineolated Parakeets
The lineolated parakeet is about the size of a parrotlet, 6 to 7 inches long, with a short tail and large black eyes. One of the more interesting facts on linnies is the way that they walk. They turn almost parallel to the perch and put one foot in front of the other. They are not big time flyers. They climb up and down their cage using the cage bars, and spend time on the floor of the cage playing with small toys. They are very inquisitive and can use their foot to pick up their toys just like big parrots do.
The Linnie parakeets are known for their soft chirps and seem to be less vocal than budgies. The make rapid short sounds and even make a "purring" sound. On occasion, you are reminded that they are very much a parrot by their infrequent loud call.  My birds have only made this loud call when they hear the lawn mower outside.  For those of you looking for a more quiet, small, cuddly, and curious parakeet, the Linnie is for you!
Since they are very active, they require a large cage - the wider the better. They may be small but they love to walk about the bottom of the cage and inspect their toys from every angle. We suggest a cage size of at least 20" x 20". Please be sure to get a cage with ½ inch cage bars. We also recommend that their toys be changed frequently or be put in different locations in the cage to keep the Linnies interest. Like other parrots, they are able to pick up the toys with their feet, so foot toys can be very entertaining to them.
Everything we read on the internet and hear from linnie owners says they are wonderful parrots and exceptionally sweet.  They are also very non-aggressive, love to be handled, and rarely bite, if ever.  They are able to talk.
Now we have been raising these little parrots a few years we have found them to be very sweet, I have yet to be actually bitten by a linnie. 95% of them leave here knowing how to step up and learned it easily. We have heard & read that they are VERY cuddly, I have actually found that its about 50/50, all love to hang out, ie -sit on your should or forearm, watch TV with you, but not all love to be 'man handled' or cuddle the same way a Cockatoo would cuddle. Quite a few have talked very well.
The best description I have ever heard was from a very reputable, now retired, breeder who said "Linnies could be described as more cat like vs more dog like." 
These little parrots are very docile is my attraction to them.
Diet should consist of parakeet and cockatiel mix WITH pellets, fruits and veggies . Birds can not survive on seed alone, including lineolated parakeets.   The average life span is said to be between 10-20 yrs.
Past Linnie Babies:  Creamino & Turquoise
Past Linnie Babies:  Olive & Mauve
Past Linnie Baby- Mauve
Below is Past West Point Aviary Linnies-.
Past Linnie Baby-Dark Green
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all our pairs our sold.....we are no longer raising linnies or have any.
Past Linnie Baby-Lutino
Past Linnie Baby-Olive
Normal green- with the splay leg.